VERSA-LOK Midwest is pleased to introduce these hardscaping products:

Tekstone 6cm pavers from Willow Creek
A smooth, flat surface and rounded edge give Willow Creek's Tekstone 12” x 12” pavers a modern, streamlined look. (PDF)


Slatestone Grande 9 x 18 paver
Willow Creek Slatestone Grande pavers are 7cm thick and are available in 9” x 18” and 14” x 18” sizes. Create endless patterns by combining these pavers with the original 7cm Slatestone paving stones. (PDF)


Willow Creek Capstone fire ring cap
Willow Creek’s Capstone Fire Ring Cap lends a natural stone elegance to fire rings at a fraction of the cost and
weight of real stone.. (PDF)


Dekrastone 7cm pavers from Willow Creek
Willow Creek’s Dekrastone™ pavers provide a stunning, contemporary choice for your paving stone projects. (PDF)


VERSA-LOK Bronco II retaining wall system
The Bronco 18H™ retaining wall system is the new heavyweight segmental wall from VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems. (PDF)


Willow Creek 12 x 12 Cobblestone pavers
Willow Creek’s Cobblestone family of pavers now includes a 12” x 12” unit that introduces new options for borders, insets and creative use of color. (PDF)


VERSA-LOK Midwest Adds New Color to Select VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems!
VERSA-LOK Midwest has added a new color, Lakeshore Blend, to select retaining wall product lines. This new color is being manufactured by Willow Creek Concrete Products:
• VERSA-LOK Standard and Caps in regular and weathered textures.
• VERSA-LOK Cobble, Accent, Half-Units and Backsplit in regular and weathered textures (call your rep to check for availability).


VERSA-LOK step unit
VERSA-LOK step units make it easy to create consistently level, flat stair treads.  (PDF)


Ledgestone kits for outdoor living
Ledgestone Outdoor Living Kits make any space more welcoming, comfortable and functional. (PDF)


Precast coping and column cap landscaping units.
Willow Creek’s CapStone column caps and coping units bring a natural stone elegance to your landscape columns and freestanding walls. (PDF)


Rosetta hardscapes
Rosetta hardscape products combine the attractiveness of natural stone with the ease of installation of precast concrete. LINK


Porcelain slabs
These beautiful porcelain tiles are designed to balance performance with aesthetics in outdoor spaces. (PDF)


VERSA-LOK Harmony retaining wall system
The Harmony™ retaining wall system uses VERSA-LOK Standard and Cobble units to create designs limited only by your imagination. (PDF)