Tips & Training Videos

YouTube creator Stan "Dirt Monkey" Genadek, who calls VERSA-LOK the "gold standard" of retaining wall systems, introduces this new how-to short video series from VERSA-LOK Midwest designed for contractors to watch quickly on-the-job! Each video is about a minute long and covers the most common FAQs.  

In this series of five wall videos, learn how VERSA-LOK's Standard can be modified without requiring special pieces to easily work within any landscape design as well as engineering information, wall estimating software and more. 

In this series of four paver videos, learn best practices for a successful paving stone installation using Willow Creek Paving Stones for a patio, driveway, walkway, courtyard and more. 

YouTube Creator Stan "Dirt Monkey" Genadek SRW content

YouTube content creator and hardscaping pro Stan "Dirt Monkey" Genadek covers retaining wall basics from beginner to advanced in his video "Skills that pay the Bills." We thank Stan for his content and collaboration. 

Enjoy this curated playlist from hardscaping pro Stan "Dirt Monkey" Genadek, which features his videos over the years on retaining walls. We thank Stan for being our valued customer.