When you need heavyweights, VERSA-LOK will get the job done. 

When you’ve got a project that requires a heavy-duty retaining wall, call for the heavy-weights from VERSA-LOK: Bronco 30H and Bronco 18H.

Bronco 30H

When you’ve got a landscaping job that requires a colossal-size segmental retaining wall ( SRW ), call for Bronco 30H. Weighing in at 4,500 pounds and displaying 14 square feet of face area, Bronco 30H has the heft and coverage to tackle any job you can throw at it. The heavyweight system builds walls up to 10 feet tall without soil reinforcement, and it easily accommodates geogrid for taller walls. And with a unique natural-stone appearance, Bronco is the most attractive large-block SRW system available.

Bronco 18H

With units weighing in at 1,250 to 3,195 pounds and displaying 6 square feet of face area and a 3.2° batter, Bronco 18H has the heft and coverage to tackle any job. Alignment knobs molded into the top of units and channels molded into the bottom ensure correct near-vertical positioning and allow for tight joints with variable-bond construction.

The Bronco 18H system comprises nine freestanding units: 8 units with varying depth, half unit, L/R corner units, cap unit and L/R corner caps. Bronco 18H can be used for walls up to 15 feet tall without soil reinforcement, making it ideal for projects with excavation constraints. It easily accommodates geogrid, such as VERSA-Grid, for taller walls. With near vertical construction and variable bond, Bronco 18H is more versatile than other comparable products. After installation, the natural stone appearance of the Bronco 18H wall face can be enhanced with stain to blend into the natural environment.

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